Thank you for visiting our site. We, Cate and Kate, self-appointed to the Chronic Disease Patrol and we would love for you to join us. According to the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, “Six in ten adults are living with one or more diet-related chronic diseases.” With the current statistics, chances are that many of our children will grow up to be adults burdened with at least one chronic disease. These new guidelines provide dietary recommendations for every life stage: infancy and toddlerhood, childhood and adolescence, adulthood, pregnancy and lactation, and older adulthood. Yet Americans are not meeting dietary recommendations and therefore diet-related chronic disease rates have risen and continue to be a major public health concern. According to these guidelines, dietary patterns established during the childhood and adolescence life stage tend to continue into adult years. This, combined with poor intake patterns and inadequate physical activity contributes to overweight and obesity in this life stage and increases the risk of chronic diseases later in life. This underscores the purpose of our Chronic Disease Patrol blog and the Atherosclerosis Attack: Traffic Jam in Your Arteries book we have published.

The goal of the Chronic Disease Patrol is to help children take a stand now against preventable chronic diseases. Let’s equip them to say, “NO TRESPASSING! CHRONIC DISEASE PATROL ON DUTY!”