Cate Munene Moriasi

Cate Munene Moriasi (Cate) obtained a doctoral degree in Food Science at Louisiana State University. Part of her work focused on the chemistry of food and how various food components affect the body. She did her postdoctoral work in the area of dietary prevention of chronic diseases before deciding to leave the laboratory research career to take care of her two children. When her then eight-year old son became inquisitive about her research, the explanations that followed made her realize the potential benefit of communicating the science underlying chronic diseases to children at an impressionable age. She believes that equipping children with that knowledge has the power to help them take charge and safeguard their health, since many of these diseases may not be bothersome until someone is older but they develop over a lifetime. Shifting from writing research papers to writing stories sprinkled with science was a challenge she embraced. So she took on writing adventurous easy-to-understand stories that convey the dangers of chronic diseases while making learning fun for young readers. Cate, her husband Daniel and their two children live in Oklahoma.

Kathleen Coughlan

Kathleen (Kate) Coughlan earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Pittsburgh, a Master of Science in Forensic Science from the University of Central Oklahoma and a PhD. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Kathleen worked as a postdoctoral research fellow in the department of Molecular Medicine at the University of Oklahoma School Of Medicine. Her research spans the fields of neurobiology, cancer biology, immunology and cardiovascular biology. She teaches a variety of courses, including Human Anatomy & Physiology, Biology and Chemistry. She has a passion for teaching and science, hence she jumped at the opportunity to help a younger generation understand the science behind chronic diseases. She hopes to spark an interest in the younger generation, especially girls, to pursue STEM – based careers. Kate and her husband Jake reside in Oklahoma. In their free time they love to travel.